Must read!

If you are unfamiliar with the Westboro Baptist Church, it is a cult with very similar beliefs to the cult I was born and raised in. While we did not picket outside of the church, the message of disgust against those who did not believe as the “church” did was very prevalent from the pulpit.

This book is written with clarity and intelligence. This story, these beliefs, it is fascinating to see the similarities amongst the cults. We didn’t have “the only truth”, we didn’t know “the only way”….. even though this was the message we heard.. as well as Westboro.

This story is just another reminder of what so easily happens when we give up our own convictions for those of another. When we sell out who we are (and for those of us born into beliefs such as these , this is not a choice we had) for the notions and beliefs of someone else.. when we fall into the trap of groupthink.

This story is eye opening, it’s thought provoking, and quite honestly a boost of confidence to follow your own convictions. If you so feel compelled, ask those hard questions about your beliefs, your past, search for the answers yourself. It’s ok. It is ok to think for yourself and to have a viewpoint that differs from those of your friends, family, and past.

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