A voice from my generation.

Dear parents of my generation,

First of all, we love you.

Healing, growing, learning is a process that looks different for everyone. While I understand this won’t apply for every case, I do know from the voices of my friends who are in the process of being open and honest- there is a lot of hurt that has to be healed and also that has been healed.

Thank you to those in my parents generation whom have opened their hearts and minds to listen, to try and understand what this process may look like. Just as we will never know what it was like to be as your generation; young teens with your own personal life choices.. to go/not to go to college, which careers to pursue, who to spend your life with, what religious message to listen and follow, to move a family for the sake of religion… the list could go on. You will never fully understand what our generation feels like today. You will never know the internal struggle that was felt the day we were told who we would marry and when we would marry. You will never understand the internal battle when faced with this life altering direction of not wanting to marry but not wanting to be rebellious and risk losing our soul because of disobedience. You will never fully understand this because you came from a life of choices, my generation came from never knowing any other life and never having that option. My generation was raised with fear-fear of the destruction that would follow anyone who would leave, who would question authority. My generation was brainwashed from a young age when all we knew was to trust.

I long for my parents generation to understand that it is bravery for us to stand up and against everything that is so deeply rooted in us to find a voice to say.. “no more”. For us all this looks different, for some like myself it’s divorce, for some it’s completely different life choices and experiences. Please understand this is not us failing, this is us becoming who we were meant to be. This. This is bravery.

It is time for us to have the chance to find who we are, what we really believe, what truly makes our soul happy… without shame. Without guilt. Without feeling controlled.

You see, we were a generation that was raised to listen, to respect, to not ask questions or doubt authority. We put down dreams, hopes, feelings in the name of obedience and holding on to eternal life. Many of us never felt what real love and belonging feels like- something that I believe every human deserves.

Please understand, we do love you, and we want you to feel the same love and acceptance for who we are, for where we are, and for who we may become. Isn’t this what makes life beautiful? The chance to live a whole and authentic life.

Thank you. Thank you for having grace to allow us to grow, change, to become our best selves.

Because of you, my parents generation, we have breath and a chance to experience life and love.

Much love.

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