Why am I pro- choice?

I grew up being told by a church leader what I was created to do, I was created to be a mom. I was born to stay at home and care for kids. I was told there was no need to further educate myself beyond high school, because why would you need that type of education to cook and clean?!

I grew up wishing I was a boy so I could work, not realizing at the time that women could actually pursue the life they desired as well. As I matured I would say so often, even as a married woman, that guys were “the lucky ones” as they had more life choices.

This thinking today makes me angry. To look back and see that girl, that woman (me) give up dreams, life choices at the word of a man, well, it makes me sad. No, I am not a victim, but rather this was a lifestyle I was born into and did not know any differently. Today- I do.

So how does this affect my feelings on pro-choice? I firmly believe all women are deserved the chance to choose what their life path will look like. I see it as a very personal choice. I do not agree that this is a choice that men in government have any right to decide for individual women. To me it feels like the imprisoned life I used to live, of a woman with no choice.

I am a mom. I love my kids. I believe in life. I also completely believe there are cases where an abortion may be necessary to save a life of a mother, or perhaps psychologically it would not be good for the mother to have the baby, for instance in cases of brutal rape. Abortions will continue either way, why not keep them safe?

If God himself won’t take away our free will, why do we as humans take away this liberty of choice for one another?

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