Dear Girls,



I want you to know that you are loved just as you were created. You are going to hear people say to you as you grow up that you are too strong willed, they will see it as rebellion. Girls, I want you to know this is a gift, you were made to be strong- you will do huge things in life with this strength. Don’t ever lose it. Be soft, be kind, but please my dear girls don’t you ever let anyone tell you that you can not be strong.

You are going to learn so much on this journey, and sometimes, well, many times, this learning will come through pain and the hard times- don’t ever let this stop you! Learn from it, become better because of it, and keep your heart wide open. There is a reason you love people, why you are able to cry with them, and feel joy with them, this my girls, is a gift. Remember, that even when you are hurt by people who don’t understand you, there is a world full of good people- please don’t ever doubt this.

You can do whatever you set your heart and mind to because you are strong. It doesn’t matter your gender, shape, height, you are perfectly made for your path in this world. You are curious, you love to read, you love to learn, you love to dance, you love to explore your own boundaries in life, don’t change this. Ever. When you find yourself struggling with patience or questioning anyone of authority, learn there is a time and place to speak your mind, learn how to wait for that moment, but don’t you ever let anyone silence you!

You my girls, you’re going to be ok. Live YOUR life, chase YOUR dreams. Find YOUR path, and always remember.. you’ve got this because you are strong girls! One more thing I want to tell you girls, it’s OK to ask for help.

So much LOVE,

Your always curious, always learning, and a lot crazy Mom.

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