For the Love of self help.

I’ve promised to live this journey out-loud- so here goes today.

I’m sitting in my local coffee shop sipping my cappuccino and reading on this beautiful snowy Colorado day. I am reading a book that came recommended by my amazing therapist, it’s called”Choosing ME before WE.” One chapter in, several papers of notes, and the tears are coming.. it’s a good book. There is something about facing reality, the reality of what was and what is, that well, it can feel like a slap in the face. I am realizing today how many times I quieted that inner voice/intuition over the years. And. WHY?! Pressure. Doubt. Fear.

How many times do we know deep inside what our soul needs and we tell it to be quiet?

My commitment to myself this year is to be brave, search out, and find what MY soul loves- regardless of opinions.

P.S. I highly recommend this book- it’s a great read on the importance of having a healthy loving relationship with yourself before you are able to really have a healthy “we” relationship.

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