Thoughts from the pavement…

Running. It’s my time for thoughts and inspiration… here are a few.

Perfectionism is false. Life is messy.

You will f^ck up in life- that’s a good thing

Just learn from mistakes and grow

Know that life isn’t hopeless- there is always a way out and a light at the end of a tunnel – AND it’s ok to ask for help

Don’t be so hard on yourself – you’re gonna be ok

Set goals -work hard- but take time to play

Eat healthy- but have a donut on the side

Live responsibility- but take time to throw caution to wind

Be strong – physically & mentally- train hard but…

Remain compassionate- be understanding-be quick to give a hug

Get out of your comfort zone- do something that scares you- I promise you will experience beautiful moments through this

Show up. Be present. Live in the moment.

Be authentic. Be honest. Be you!

Life is too short to not LIVE A LITTLE!

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